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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Top Mistakes in Dating Filipinas

By Peter Palma

Since before we met even, we’ve been observing men and women who come from different countries meet, and in many cases get married. We met and are happily married. We’ve seen and heard a lot of stories, and based on it, we’ve come up with a list of top mistakes in dating Filipinas.

Before we get into this list, we want to be clear that when we say we are an online dating site, we mean that we are a site where people can meet to become friends first. We do not believe in premarital or extramarital sex, don’t encourage it, and don’t recommend it. We do believe in commitment, marriage, and family, and when the right person is there, we encourage it.

Some people who have visited other sites with many Filipina members at times get confused and think that online dating must be immoral because we encourage casual sex (we certainly don’t). Maybe other people or other sites have different definitions of online dating. We encourage you to find a site where the owners and other members share your basic assumptions about this.

Dishonesty - We believe that for two people to join to form something greater, that honesty is important, and dishonesty is a dangerous poison. We strongly encourage our members that when they are corresponding or chatting, take the time to make sure what you are saying is true. Even if you are afraid you might disappoint someone else, it’s far better to be honest from the beginning, rather than start a life based on a lie. We believe that honesty is the way to develop trust and love, and that dishonesty interferes with our ability to trust and love one another. If what you are looking for is power, sex, money, or status, I’m sorry but that’s not compatible with the atmosphere we try to nourish here. We encourage those who seek to fulfill the guidance to love one another, and who believe that requires honesty, to take the time to join our site and meet fellow believers.

Obsession With Appearances – We recommend that our members focus more on profile text, and messages, rather than photographs. First of all, this is because as much as we would like to be able to guarantee that a member’s photos are of the member, we can’t guarantee that, and we know for a fact that some members post pictures of other people. But most of our members who have posted photos are posting photos of themselves. Yet we still recommend that our members do not pay the photos much attention. One of the less-appreciated aspects of human relations is that single people might look less attractive because they feel loney; but later in the company of a caring partner, they may blossom through confidence to be more attractive in the eyes of anyone who was paying attention. On this same topic, about once a week, we get an email from one of our gentleman who is inquiring about a lady from our site, and when we look at the lady’s profile, we see a picture that looks like it could be from an advertisement for bikinis, full of curves or cleavage. (We delete the pictures immediately.) We believe that these kinds of pictures are not of ladies who are mature enough to have healthy relations of any kind with anyone. We recommend you avoid them. Unless you are a man who is obsessed with his own appearances, who cares more about his looks than his actions, then you will have a values conflict with a lady who is obsessed with her appearance. It’s important to think about what your values are, and to find people who have compatible values. This is much more important than trying to meet people who remind us of advertising models.

Getting Too Excited About Easy, Outgoing Ladies - It’s natural that we can get excited if we write a note and the recipient responds very quickly. But is that actually a good sign? More likely, if you get a response right away, you’re dealing with a professional scammer who is spending all day at the computer. It’s actually a much better sign if you have to wait a day or two for a response. Likewise, if you find yourself very excited because someone is very outgoing, forward, and not shy, not humble, you might want to take things a bit more slowly. Many of our finest ladies are conservative and/or shy.

They may not want to post photos of themselves, they may not have any experience with meeting men in a context like this, and might be shy and more innocent. This doesn’t mean they are not worth getting to know, however. But it does mean you might need to make more of an effort. Think about it. The ladies who are very upfront, outgoing, aggressive even, might be easy;but do you think they will be faithful, humble, obedient? We recommend that our members should make a special effort to write to especially those members who don’t have pictures and who might have short descriptions. It only takes a few moments to write a short message, and you never know what beautiful gem you might find hidden beneath modesty.

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